Quail Hunting!!!

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I was fortunate enough yesterday to be invited to go on a last minute quail hunt down at Beaver Creek Plantation. I got the call around 10:00AM and had to let them know shortly there after. Invitedco-worker who was able to get off for the afternoon. After making a mad dash back to the house to get guns and shells, drove like a mad man to get there in time to sit down to a wonder meal of Fried Pork Chops, ho-cake corn bread, peas, homemade soup, sweet tea, and coconut pie!!

After that it was hard to follow dogs!!!! But what a wonderful time we had!!

There is nothing like following a pair of dogs that back one another on the Point!!

If you get a chance to go you'll love it down at Beaver Creek!!


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Quail Hunting...

I'll be on my first quail hunt in 20 years next Friday down at Big Red Oak Plantation. I'm pretty excited to say the least! These guys I'm hunting with do this a few times a year; I'm hoping that this won't be the last time I get invited!