Que up the “Hire John Gruden” music

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The vawls keep after him like a math nerd after the homecoming queen. And an ugly homecoming queen at that; he’s a .540 coach that hasn’t coached college football in almost 30 years. Go get him UTAthletics!

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You know, Gruden is passionate about football, so I believe he would make a great coach for UT, or any other university. However, he's making pretty good money from what he is doing now, so UT, or anyone else, would have to throw some good money at him to get him. I just wonder if he would want to deal with all the headaches that go along with coaching. I kind of think he is happy with what he is doing now, and don't see him getting back into the fire of coaching. That's just me, though.

Maybe UT will get Ray Goff and hire Richard Simmons as their defensive coordinator. That would be sweet, wouldn't it? :D
Every time a football HC job opens up in FBS or NFL, they throw out Jon Gruden's name. There's even a hashtag for it #Grumors. I don't understand why Vol fans are so hung up on him.


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What about that guy that was OC at Bama and is HC at some small school in Florida now. You know. What's his name?.......awe nevermind

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The Vols are stuck with Butch.. They just need to invest in some more bricks and cement.. I hope Lyle stays forever!!