Question about purple hull peas

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I planted some purple hulls a little while ago and they are just started to get ready. They look real healthy (the plant) but a lot of the pods dont have developed peas in them. Any reason why?
What's weird is I planted PH's on one end of my garden and Zipper peas on the other. The PH's never did anything - finally gave up on them as they were getting weedy but the Zippers are doing great. I've already picked them 3 times and they are pea making machines right now. Go figure - I like the PH crowders better for flavor but zippers were always my dad's favorite. I still plant them in his honor - he's the one that got me into gardening in the first place. For sure it wasn't dry weather for mine - if anything they got drowned too many times.
Snap them and eat them like beans. Very tasty that way. Do that and mix in some zippers.

i think they are just immature, but you can eat them like this.