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I am new to the site and have a quick question to anyone having experience with rattling. I am considering trying it over the next couple of weeks, so any pointers would be appreciated. I have never done it before because in past clubs, the buck/doe ratio was out of whack with a lot of small bucks taken yearly and very little does. We used to see very little chasing activity on the property. This year I am on a new lease and have already seen several bucks starting to chase some of the does and would like to give it a try. I would assume that the best time to rattle would be in the pre-rut which is in full force on our property right now.


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the past few weeks and right now are the best times to rattle where i hunt. prerut, IMO, is the best time.

get some antlers, real or synthetic, and crash them down loud. if you're on the ground, make all the racket you can in the bushes as well. if you're in the tree, about the best you can do is rattle and maybe shake a few close tree limbs if you can reach them.

you can also throw in some grunts before and after the rattling sequence.

i rattle for about 3-5 mins. very hard, sit the antlers down and get ready. in my experience, deer will start appearing immediately or within 20 mins. if you don't see or hear anything within 30 mins. try it again.

good luck!
I second what mpowell said except for one thing... the first rattling that I would do would last only 30 -45 seconds at most. I have sat down and started rattling and have them appear within a minute. You never know how close they may already be to start with. You don't won't to get caught thrashing about, if they are close and are gonna come, you'll be ready.


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Do a search on Rattling; there's been a number of threads the last few weeks that may help you.

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