Question - Leaving Bow in Hot Truck All Day

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I commute about 35 miles to work each day, and work until 5:30 pm.

There is a new state archery range on one route home, and I would like to stop and shoot a couple of times a week after work.

Almost everyone thinks that leaving a bow in hot vehicle in south ga all day is a terrible idea from what I have read.

I have a bow case, not plastic or hard but a thick soft side type.

Could I place a frozen pack wrapped in a towel inside the case all day to keep the temperature down, park in shade with vented windows, and maybe a sun screen for windshield - would this work?

Guess i could do an experiement and check the temp inside the truck at various times on a weekend day...



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I don’t know the answer but Don’t folks bow hunt in desert environments? Lot hotter than Ga
I wouldn’t go as far with the ice pack but I would park in the shade, definitely vent a window and maybe use the sun shade if I had one. Problem is everyone wants the shady spots.
I do know of a nice pool stick that warped in the case from being left in direct sun of a hatchback window only for a few days with the windows up.
Your bow should be fine in the case though. The more shade the better.
Cover it with a sleeping bag instead of ice pack for insurance.
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Appreciate the comments - new bow. With the price of new ones, I need this one to last a few years and I just dont want any issues to have to deal with.

May wait a week or so, and maybe we will get a break with the high temps...


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Drape a white cloth over it.

It will be fine.

It would be direct sunlight through glass that did it it, imho, not the ambient temp in the vehicle.

Good luck.


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It's funny how they are built for "extreme conditions" but leaving them in the truck can ruin them. How do we get them to our hunting destinations.
The biggest issue with leaving a bow in a hot vehicle happens when there is no ventilation. The temperature inside the vehicle increases greatly over the outside temperature, when the windows are up.


...just joking, seriously.
I had a limb on my Mathews delaminate and blow up inside my hot truck on the day before opening day one year.
Matthew's fixed it but it did blow up and cost me a few weeks.


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I had a limb on my Mathews delaminate and blow up inside my hot truck on the day before opening day one year.
Matthew's fixed it but it did blow up and cost me a few weeks.
I believe this is your biggest concern!! I would do my best to keep it out of direct sun and as comfy as possible...just my $.02
I would avoid putting a bow inside a hot vehicle this time of year. 120+ plus temps inside the vehicle and direct sun could do some bad damge. Bad for the limbs and the string.


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I had a hoyt that limbs were twisted in one day left in car. Inside temperature in the summer in a vehicle parked in sun runs between 140 -160 degrees.


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It’s the direct sunlight and not the temperature that warps the limbs. Direct sun through the glass.


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I had a browning ruined that was left in a vehicle, and it was not in direct sun , actually in a soft non insulated case


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It doesn't have to be in direct sunlight. A vehicle will hold in heat like a mf. That's why a car parked in direct sun when you open the door you feel a whoosh of hot air come out. It's much hotter than the ambient. Enough to to weaken the resins holding the limbs together. Cracking the windows should be fine.
Don't do it without some heat mitigation. And it is simply heat, not direct sunlight, that can wreck your bow. Heat is the enemy. It doesn't need to blow up to ruin your day, heat can affect the tune. You have to try to keep the heat out of the vehicle and ventilate what heat does get in. Get a sunshade and get a good one that is made to specifically fit your vehicle's windshield (, just to name a few). A generic one from auto zone or walmart is garbage. Add some rain guards so you can crack your windows all day long and not worry about downpours. If you want to take it to the next level, get some sunshades for your side windows to.