Question on Bear Behavior


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I hunt in Twiggs County and Friday night while sitting around the camp fire alone, I kept hearing something about 30 yards behind me. I finally got my good flashlight and low and behold there sat a bear watching me. I ran it off but it came back and sat closer. I finally found a good rock and ran it off again. About 5 minutes later I could hear what sounded like a dog whining for about 15 minutes. A fellow member watched a mama with cub about 2 hours earlier about 500 yards away. Could this have been mama watching me and when I ran her off, her cub was calling for her? We are covered up with bears BTW.
Yep. Most often, when a sow gets spooked, she runs off and leaves the cubs. They have to link up later. Both the cubs and the sows make whining or bawling noises to locate the other. I ran a sow with three cubs off last year, and the cubs saw her get spooked, and all three ran up trees. They came down after 20-30 seconds and followed her direction, but she was long gone. About a half hour later, she came back from the direction she ran, and she was bawling non stop trying to locate the cubs. I wish I had gotten it on video. It was a really cool sight. This spring, I walked up on a sow with two cubs. She and a cub ran off, but the other ran up a diagonal log leaning on another tree. That cub sat up there whining and crying out non-stop, and wouldn't come down. I decided to back out and give them their space because the last thing I wanted was to be around a cub making distress sounds when Mama comes back, and I also just wanted the mama to find her cub.
You likely experienced mama crying out looking for a cub or cubs.