Question on releasing animals

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I do not trap but I have a neighbor that does and he is allowed to trap on my place.
My question is about releasing unintended animals.
I know dogs sometimes get caught, I assume they are pretty easy to release. But what about foxes or bobcats if that is not what your after? (out of season or other reasons)
Do yall just take them anyway or do yall make an effort to let them go?
If you do let them go what is y'alls process?
I ask because I would like to keep the foxes and bobcats (native) and let him kill the coyotes (invasive).
I'm not trying to stir the pot, predator vs prey or anything like that, just wondering.


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use the catch pole the law requires a trapper to have while trapping.

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Thanks for the info guys. I was not aware that it is required t have a catch pole. Like I said I'm not a trapper. I will speak to my neighbor and make sure he has one.


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If neighbor doesn't have one there are some good videos online on making serviceable catch poles with metal conduit for very little money (<$20 each).

Trapline Tutorials has a good video on youtube.