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Your videos are awesome, thanks for sharing. I have Airedale that's doing pretty good, but not gritty on anything over 50 lbs. he finds his own from time to time.
How do the jagds do for you? I'm interested in how they hunt
Thanks got 4 of them. Good versatile dogs but the gritt been bred out of em.
Man I hate to hear that. My neighbor had one that would have drug grizzly bears up in the yard if we had any around. I always admired his grit. He whooped every dog within 2 miles on the ridge. Yours is a good looking thang tho.
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Have hunted Jagds for a number of years. Have raised and hunted about 12 of them. 80% made hog dogs and half of them were top flight dogs and the other half were hard as nails help dogs. They stay busy in the woods and there nose is on par with a medium cur. The down side is there size and no reverse gear. Richard
Thanks Richard
I typically walk in bull dogs. The jagds I've seen on videos try to catch anything regardless of size. Is that how yours are? The way I hunt I'd be afraid they would be bay busters or either get the rest of the bay dogs cut up, cause mind pile on after the first dog makes a move.

I spoke too soon on my Airedale. He got cut up pretty good yesterday evening trying to catch a 200 lb boar before the bull dogs got there. So, he might have more grit than I thought.
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They will bust a bay best to run them with gritty running dogs and not bay dogs. They wont back up on much and that does cause some serious down time. Had a pair of Airedales that I hunted back in early 80s that were real gritty on hogs. Richard
Always enjoy your videos. I truly appreciate you taking the time to video your hunts and then post em up