R.I.P Rocket


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I have been lucky this year.Caught a lot of good boars with out getting anything cut. Went out Tue and right out the box the dogs hit 200 yards and go to bayin,cut the catch dog,and the hog breaks as soon as I cut him. They went 300 yards and bay till catchdog get there.I run in there and I have 2 dogs on the hog so I get the hog takin care of and start looking around and there rocket was just laying there. This was the first dog I have lost to a hog, and he will be missed.


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that stinks sorry to hear. Sound like he died doing what he loved.


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Man I feel your pain it really sucks when you loose a dog especially a good dog or your lead dog . I lost joe a month or so ago and I still aint really wanted to go huntin . Ive had 3 landowners call and Ive been but rarely turned a dog loose and just let my buddies hunt their dogs ...Just aint the same ..... Im goin this weekend though and gonna hunt mine Even though he was top of the pack it takes more than 1 dog to have a pack and I might as well turn these other culls I got loose to see who gonna step up and get it done
Is it better to have a few catch dogs? Possible to overpower the hog? Would Rottweilers, Great Danes or Wolf Hounds (Irish or Russian) make a difference? Does anyone know or has anyone hunted hogs with these breeds?
Sorry for your loss.