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Our area (Barrow/Jackson Co) has had multiple cases of rabies confirmed in the last year. A skunk entered a beagle pen, 13 beagles had to be killed because they were not currently vaccinated.
Two other homes had coons come up and attack dogs in the yard. 4 dogs in a yard were put down. A dog on a chain at the other home was put down.
Two cows were diagnosed with rabies nearby also.
These were dogs in their own yards and pens. What are the chances of a dog running into a rabid animal in the woods? And you never know until too late.
Don't take a chance with your dogs or yours and your family's lives by putting off vaccination. Treatment for rabies exposure runs right around $20,000 these days.
( yep, thats Twenty thousand, ask me how I know)

Hunting seasons are over, but make sure your rabies vaccinations on your hunting dogs are current. Don't wait.


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thanks doc , we appreciate the advise , hey guys this man knows what he is talking about , known him for years , he is a great outdoors man , great hunter and is part catch dog.....when he gives you advice about dog care he knows , and we should heed the warning....he knows his stuff ( its his business)...hey doc how nuch do the shots run


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doc you should also post this in the other applicable forums (if you haven't already). It is very important.



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Great advice. Takes me back to my old hound days in South Fl. Always kept my dogs shots up to date.

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We have several rabies clinics around here. I load them up and go to them and the vet gives them the shots on the tailgate, get all my paperwork and tags and im good to go.