Radishes and Turnips

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Looks like they've been enjoying them. Today I noticed mine are starting to hit the turnip tops but there's no sign of them trying the bulbs yet.


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I know at our place they have hammered the turnips. Not so much on the radishes, talking about the bulbs. They have ate the tops off of both
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I cultipacked then drilled using the small seed box on the drill. I may have used the cultipacker after drilling, but I don’t remember. Sometimes I do it before and after but sometimes I just drill and call it good.
For the past three years I have used the “throw and mow” method for seeding. I have decided to stop all tillage and go with a no till system. I cannot justifying the cost of a no till drill, thus the throw and mow technique. So far so good. I try to seed and mow just prior to a rain event to make sure the seeds find their way down to Mother Earth.
Been satisfied with the results and the critters have not complained yet. Win Win!
Oh, and I have saved a lot of time and money by not tilling.
Hopefully my soil biology has improved as a result.