Rain and scent

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Private land I was hunting is now sold so I had to switch up everything today. Hung 4 stands and cameras on a different farm. Question is how long will it take for my scent to dissipate. It was really warm today when I was out there. I wore gloves and rubber boots but I know a deer would pick at least some scent up. And if it rains hard tomorrow will that do it for me and get that scent washed away?


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I've hung stands in the afternoon and killed deer that evening or the next morning. twice its been a good buck. I like to hunt em as soon as they're hung seems like that the best opportunity to catch em off guard.


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i think deer react different ways depending on how accustomed they are to human scent, noises,sights. activity in general .. my place in crawfordville deer are crazier than here in henry co... deer in c'ville freak the flock out @ the slightest hint of a human .. here in henry co. they are more forgiving and have shorter memories . i go to crawfordville regularly year round and here and see NOBODY. come hunting season you start hearing 4 wheelers , trucks , guns.. makes it tough.. so it's a hard to answer question . but i do think rain will "help" remove scent to a point .. a rabbit dog loves a wet ground
I hung a stand and camera, on the 3rd, about 2:00. Hunted it yesterday and checked the card when I came out. Along with 4 different bucks the same night.


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Depends a lot on the deer in that area. I've seen em bust out for days in some areas and pay it not much attention in others. They come around, sorry you had that happen. Had that happen to us on a property and the other hunters put ladder stands 10 yds form ours we where able to hunt until they did things like walk in at peak times too hender and try too get us to just leave . We still had hunting rights until property changed hands. With that being said my daughter still got a nice 8pt the 1 day they didn't walk in on use. Deer bout run over there ladder stand and left blood on it. We just packed up and left after that. We find greener pastures elsewhere.


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I was hunting on today (11/8/18) when two bucks walked to my tree (separately) and sniffed around and did not act nervous at all. I had just peed off my stand for the second one and he showed no signs of alarm or spookiness. You never know, all deer are different. The rut plays a part also, bucks are honed in on does now.