Rainy day project


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Jim Thompson said:
delton thinks it is so nice he said it twice
My brain cramps sometimes...

Started when I was a litt........


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I got my dutchman hand made belt today and it is absolutely gorgeous. The quality of the hardware and buckle is far above my expectations. I have never owned a belt that looks this nice.

Thanks Dutch, I will wear it proudly.


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Al you always get the good stuff ahead of everybody else.I think ya got er inside track or somethin.I want me one of them!That's er looker!

How ya rate? Gotta know the pass word,secret hand shake and wear tha secret ring I guess.
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No secret, CAL. We made a trade. I got some genuine, "AL carved" arrow points for use in making some presentation items for some of the Scouts in our troop and Al got a belt. If you want to trade for one, I know you've got the goods there to pull it off. PM me what you'd like for your belt to look like and I'll build one for you.


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You are pretty talented.