Random picture taken with a cell phone thread.

This little Hummer had a bad morning as I was sitting @ dining room table having breakfast. I gave him approx 5 minutes to break free on his own. Finally got up to lend him some assistance and when I got out there he flew by me. IMG_20150617_183317981.JPG
The old gang...Maggie Moo Moo, the leader(center) is no longer with us, but her spirit is strong here. Bert to the left, Boudreaux to the right. She left a legacy for all of my dogs to always follow. IMG_20150306_115745525.JPG _20140128_160512.JPG Maggie.jpg
Found these 2 different chunks of what was once metate's used for grinding grains by Native Americans while I was digging around in my yard. Evidently this area where I am along the upper Flint River was more than likely a permanent Village. Nicodemus on here informed me that they usually didn't take these with them if a temporary location. Wish I had the other 2 matching chunks. Have not found them YET. IMG_1720.jpg