Random picture taken with a cell phone thread.

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H22 has a coke machine that looks JUST like this one. We used to keep beer in it.:bounce:
We had one at the firehouse in Virginia Highlands(#19). We used it as a refrigerator to keep eggs in.
H22 has a coke machine that looks JUST like this one. We used to keep beer in it.:bounce:
There was a little country store back on a gravel road in the boonies of my county back in the days when they couldn't sell beer outside city limits. They had one of those Coke machines in the back room with the glass blacked out and a padlock on it. :bounce:
Gave a guy some firewood today:
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No good deed goes unpunished. I got the truck and gooseneck trailer stuck. Detached the trailer and got the truck unstuck.

When backing trying to get unstuck I hit a 3" pine tree. I didn't even know I hit it.
I guess I got used to the back up sensor. When you hook up a trailer it turns off the sensor. When you unhook the trailer the sensor stays off and you have to manually re-engage it. I did not re-engage it.

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Small world, I just saw this tractor/trailer this morning. Nice load of wood.


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No sir, it certainly isn’t a machine to trifle with. I’ve only been working part time on them for about 2.5 years, but they are neat machines. Our shop works mainly on the heads, from basic servicing to complete head rebuild. These are 7760’s, or balers as most folks call them. They decrease the amount of people needed in a field, but they are more problematic due to all the extra parts and electronics. My personal opinion is the 9996, (6 row basket picker) is a better machine. They estimate the newest picker in 2020, which should be a CP690 will cost over 1 million dollars. Gonna take heaps of cotton to pay for that one.