Random picture taken with a cell phone thread.


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Love it! My youngest son had a red tail boa for several years! Snakes are awesome pets!
Yes, sir, they are...
No barking, no clawed furniture, no fur. I've had snakes the past 30 years. Love 'em..
Raised my daughter around them and she's passionate about all snakes, wants to get into the hots...
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It's sad when you can spot them from a ways off. View attachment 968226
Athens is full of those psychos.

"Athens is for everyone" Except unborn babies.
"War is not the answer" Except for the war on the unborn.
"Love" Except loving the unborn.
"Black lives matter" Except for the lives of black babies.
"No human being is illegal" Wants to keep it legal to kill human babies.
"Equality" Except for the unborn.