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Anyone watching Rattlesnake republic, about different snake hunters going for rattlesnakes in Texas. Now I know why when I hunted deer in Carisle Texas a little bit south of San Antonio, the ranch hands cautioned everyone about keeping an eye out for rattlers. Seeing where most of this is filmed, I would have been keeping a better look out as we took one over 6 feet in December. Probably mispelled the location in Texas. Some of these dens they show are loaded with rattlers. Anyone see anything similiar to this in Ga snake country?
I saw 6 within a 10 foot area near a den that was in the side of a red dirt bank. This was about 8 years back when i lived in Marion County. The bank was next to a farm field.

I didnt stick around to see how many more was there. The den looked like an armidillo dug hole. I do remember this was one of the first warm days in the early spring, just after day break.

All snakes were less then 3 foot in lenght from best i could tell.

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Although I haven't checked in a while, the largest rattler on record was taken in GA. I was a Eastern Diamondback Rattler which is the largest and heaviest of the species.

It was 7'-8" and weighed 34 lbs. Standing offers were made for years for a snake of 8' or more and never filled.

I've seen some big Western Diamondbacks mounted but still no 8 footers confirmed.

If you Google world record rattlers you get a lot of questionable claims. Ithink the 7'8" is still good to go.