Razers/utv who owns/owned one?

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I'm trying to learn a little about polaris rzr. Reliability... good for kids.... where to ride.... I know prices but there's a 570 800 900 1000. 4 seaters. 2 seaters. Anyone own one? If so what kind? Tell me all about it. Pics help!

Or if you have ridden in one and know much about them. All info welcome


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I know I'm not helping..... But fuzzy is right. You can get a jam-up Jeep cheaper and go to town legally


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Or a samurai. I haven't owned a razor but I've owned/own a couple sportsmans. They've been good to me but I've recently purchased a used Honda that has been good so far


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I had a rzr, didn't leave it stock long enough to break anything that it came with from the factory.
In hindsight I should have scratch built my own, after upgrading about everything it wasn't even a polaris product.

I do use them frequently for work, in base model bone stock configuration. We generally put 6,000 miles on them in a 9 month project, and they are available to pretty much everyone on a construction site.
So that means other peoples kids been doggin the snot out of em, and they rarely break down.
To be fair, We usually only get the diesel versions which may hit 25-28 MPH. I've found it's easier to refuel weekly with a diesel than to run through 5-10 gallons of gas a day for the same amount of use.

FWIW; there are labels on the dash stating they are only for people 16 and up, assuming they only expect licensed drivers operating them.
I've heard stories of kids getting hurt pretty badly in rollovers while not wearing seatbelts or having taken the doors off. I can see it happening, I've high centered and rolled one myself. At least I was going slow cross slope and had a seatbelt on.


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I would get a ranger if I could do it again, I have a rzr 1000 turbo and if you ride a lot and long distance they get hot in the front and back seats in the summer,very uncomfortable for adults even worse on the kids but not bad the few days of winter we get here , don’t get me wrong it’s a bad machine and I love it other that


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Rzr 170

They make a 170 for kids and it's not too expensive, RZR's have some front wheel bearing problems but most are abused by people, if u take care of them they will last 4 ever, have owned ranger, Teryx, wolverine, they are all good machines, u can buy a jeep buy it's not gonna take u in the woods to get a deer like my Teryx, not without tearing it all to pieces


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Do they make something for the sides other than doors that would offer more protection?
There are aftermarket 'skeleton' doors which are tubing with a flat panel placed about where your hip would hit.
Other than a full door and soft sided doors, I haven't seen a lot of options.

And I haven't seen new models with removable glass recently. Last one we had you had to take door off to open a window.


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I think my ranger has programmable keys to limit speed and I know it will not go over 15 mph without the seatbelt latched. I’m on my second ranger and haven’t had any trouble with either machine but they are way too much for a 10 yo unless supervised.