Razorback cut vest ?

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A long time ago a company called razorback made some fine cut gear, the vest had wide Velcro and straps they were tough. I have searched the web with no luck. Anybody have any info ? Thanks.
I know this reply is way overdue but better late than never. Razorback Hunting Supply was the makers of the cut gear your asking about. Razorback Outfitters is a whole different company than does sale cut gear made by Off the Chain Cut Gear or something like that. I was the second owner of Razorback Hunting Supply and the people I sold the business to no longer make the gear. I did make cut gear for the last owners on the side but that business arrangement and friendship went south and I started another cut gear business that I own and operate now. Because I cannot advertise on here I will not give the name but if you need to know anything more you can PM me.