Reading the New Testament cover to cover in 2019 at 5 min. per weekday....

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Here is a fully 'non-commercial' website offering a New Testament Excel based reading schedule download.
5 minutes a day.
5 days a week.
Thereby completes the New Testament cover to cover in exactly 52 weeks.


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Seriously, I have read it through in a matter of days when I was searching a specific line of thought. Surprised that it would take 52 weeks at 5 minutes a day. I would have guessed 1/3 of that
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Not to suggest that you are disputing the arithmetic,
my understanding is that you are simply saying
that you * are surprised by the suggested time it typically takes to read at 5 minutes per day x 5 days per week x 52 weeks divided by 60 minutes per hour =
21.66 hours. Got it.
And as follows below (see ">"s) ....
my view is that the website is simply stating '5 minutes per day' so as to not overstate the commitment one would be making by using the download-able reading schedule.
I have used the schedule myself and found that most of the days,
consistent, with your above,
is that it does not take a full 5 minutes every day ...
although, some days take me longer.
In support of your view, I have found that ...
> The typical length of recorded 'out-loud' reading CDs per Amazon is 20 hours.
> Internet searching on length of time to read New Testament offers a range of 18 - 20 hours.
Conclusion: * You have been blessed with better than 'average' reading speed.
P.S. The value, for me, of reading s-l-o-w-l-y
is to try to be able to see the riches of The Book in detail/depth ....
for which my average brain needs to do at a s-l-o-w-e-r rate than that of speedier readers/comprehend-ers ...
hence ;),
the 'slow absorption rate' offered by , for me, works well.