Recomended archery shops

Big John

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Social Circle ACE Archery
181 S Cherokee Rd Social Circle, GA 30025
Gables in douglasville..right off fairburn rd near bankhead hwy.
I live in Douglasville and haven't been there in years. I went there after I had an issue with my PSE Nova and I was treated like an idiot, this was my first compound and didn't know all the terms. After about 20minutes of this I asked for my bow back and left.

Social Circle Ace ... not the best. Lazy employees didn’t even want to cut 6 arrows for me. They all believe they’re pros and make you feel stupid if you’re somewhat new to bow hunting like myself. A woman came in and was yelling with a manager while I was there about her son being mistreated with their archery team. Also the shop is very disorganized, nothing worse than a nasty place with no organization
I won’t be going back
Honestly I have seen first hand arrogance and lack of customer service from multiple shops listed. This is an old thread but the same subject is brought up.
IF an archery shop plans on being a successful business for years to come why wouldn't they cater to all archers new and old. Without all of them you are out of business. If you are a shop owner you for sure want to make sure the people who are paying your Bills return to your shop.
I’m looking at getting a new bow before next year and want to start shooting some but I can’t find shops with multiple brands. I’d like to shoot a Matthews, Hoyt, prime, elite, bow tech, and pse without having to go to multiple shops. Are there any shops I could feel them all out back to back? Or even a shop with 3 or 4 of the brands would be helpful.