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I'm fairly new to reloading and i'm wanting to work up some loads in my 270 for deer season. I definitely do not want to pay the hazmat fees to order online. Where's a good place around Canton area to find a pretty good selection of powder and primers? Preferably without having to drive south of woodstock. Big woods goods said they carry Alliant powders, but I cant find a whole lot of recipes for their powder. By the way, anyone got any good recipes for 130 gr 270's? I'm debating between sst's or accubonds
I think you'll have a hard time finding a good source locally. I know Red Barn and Hi Calibur carry some but again it's limited. You'll have better luck driving to BPS in Snellville or Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna. Don't know what type of vehicle you drive and mpg you get from it but do the math on what you'll spend on gas (and time) to get to those places. The cost is all relative whether you spend it on gas or haz mat&shipping cost.

This is how I rationalize paying the shipping & haz mat fees. If the savings, by ordering on-line, can wash or come close (within $5) to the cost of shipping and haz mat fee then I order on-line. But then I always enjoy going to those places so I don't mind going there.
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Southeastern Ammo and Components is located between Dawsonville and Gainesville. Not very close, but still closer than Adventure Outdoors.
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Thanks for the feedback yall. I'm actually not that frugal where I'm worrying about gas mileage. I will check out High Caliber( I'm sure they got some more HS-6 for my 357 loads). I originally got my first pound of powder from a guy I work with thats from Chatsworth, he got me the powder at Benton Shooter's supply just over the line in Tennessee. I may have to ride up there one day and check out their place.


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If you ever get over around Northern Gwinnett/Hall/Jackson Co, we have a great reloading shop in Braselton. They carry all the major brands of powder, and primers. We also have a great place in Winterville just north of Athens (sporting arms) that also carries a ton of reloading equipment.


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Cherokee Gun, in Canton is carring powder and primers now.

Give them a call, 678-880-7956