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My '06 likes the 168gr Vortex ammo and I'm just now getting around to see if I can load a round that will shade the factory stuff. I have some Nosler Accubond 150 grainers that I'd like to load. I haven't owned a lot of '06's but the ones I have loaded for did well with IMR 4350 but the Winchester produced mediocre groups with the 4350. What powder besides 4350 do you all get good results with? I have some IMR 4895 on hand as well as some of the Alliant powders.


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I'm running the Cfe Powder
Pushing a 130gr tsx in my 06
I haven't seen a 30-06 that wouldn't shoot IMR or H4350, but it can happen I suppose.

IMR-4064 has shot well for me in 30-06 rifles. You might also try Varget or IMR-4895 and see if they shoot in your rifle.

It may be the case of it not liking the bullet you used instead of the powder. There are numerous powders and bullets to try for a 30-06!
I haven't loaded 06's in quite a while, but always used 4064 in loads for my 742, I would first figure out what twist rate your barrel has, pick the bullet accordingly, and then narrow down the powders,


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57.0 grains of IMR-4350 behind a 165 grain ballistic tip is my gold standard load for a 30/06. If it won’t shoot that, then I need to see what’s the matter with the rifle...bedding? Scope? Me? Etc....that load is money in the bank.
IMR 4350 does indeed work well. My rifle likes to shoot 180 gr. GameKing bullets, and is chambered to 30-06 A.I. I took it to the range several years back before my Second Wife passed away. and was shooting little groups as far as the berm was, almost 200 yards. But the thing was beating me up too much for pleasure. I want to enjoy shooting. I also tried 4064 and it did very well, also. Now these were A.I. loads. But the best shooting and most accurate for me was the 180 gr. GameKing and 47 grains of Varget, just a high end standard 30-06 load.
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Thanks for all the replies! As stated the Barnes Vortex 168 grainers will shoot sub MOA in my rifle (barely) and I am satisfied with that for that weight range. I haven't had much time to load any more test rounds with the 150 grainers. I think 4064 will be next.


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My ABolt II loves 52.5 grs IMR4064 under 165gr Nosler Partitions. IMR4350 gives slightly higher velocites (2921fps vs 2888fps). However, 4064 is more accurate than 4350.