rem 1100 breech bolt buffer

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I have an rem 1100 that isn't firing consistently. I took it apart and at the rear of the bolt it has a milky whitish nylon bushing ( breech/bolt buffer) that is broken in two.

I am Assuming this is my problem. Where can I find a direct replacement? Searching online has only produced parts that don't have two holes in the piece only one in the very center.

I checked with an online gun part supplier but the girl wasn't sure if it had two holes or if it was even the correct part. Will I have to drill the hole for the retaining pin on the new part? thanks for any help.


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as far as I know the Remington replacement part does not have the 2nd hole drill as it's a multi gun part.

I'd also suggest you change out your gas ring as this is quite often the issue on an 1100

Brownells carries both parts


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This part?

Number 14 in the schematic kind of looks like it has 2 small holes in it on the front is a factory part

I don't see it on the Brownell's schematic on a regular 1100 just the special field in 12 ga