Remember E.R.'s Wife...


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She had surgery today and is recovering as we speak - I'm sure Larry will appreciate all the prayers and support from his fellow Woodyites...


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Already sent one up. Saw it on the GONnetwork board!


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ER's wife

Thanks for the update Preacher.I have been wondering what was going on with them while we were down.
ER,I'm still with you my friend.More prayers going up .Please keep us posted as you can.

Isaiah 40:28-31


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I talked to Larry again this morn and she is still really sick. They continue to need your prayers. Surgery went OK yesterday. They removed a huge(canteloupe Size) mass from her and they are running test on it now. We'll know more later


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Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about them since the board went down and hadn't heard anything about the surgery.


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FYI, one of our fine members, one who doesn't post alot, but reads a great deal, has sent flowers to Miss Toni from "Your Friends at Woody's"!

Y'all are some fine folks! I'm proud of all of you!
Still praying! Keep us informed.

FYI - My wife had a tumor that size about 3 years ago. It was benign (sp). Praying for the same for Miss Toni!


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Prayers being sent...

Larry, let us know when you can how she is... I hope and pray everything went and comes along smoothly.
get well soon miss toni....i know you will!
praying for very good results. hang in there larry
and let us know if you need ANYTHING!

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Thanks fellows for all the prayers and support. We got the reports back this morning and the cancer seems to have spread to the ovaries, portions of the colon and into the lymph nodes, (Adeno Carcinona). Looks like we are going to have a long bumpy road to travel. We all appreciate each and every prayer and please remember my wife and our family in every one.

The flowers are beautiful! Thanks to the sender/s (Woodites) it truely means a lot to know how many friends we have and how much prayer and support is being given.

More than ever now we will especially appreciate each and every prayer.

Toni is a special and strong woman. I only hope I can be half as strong for her. We have seen the enemy and now it is time to fight him.