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Howard Roark

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I have been mulling over the CBS forged document deal and have not posted many artilces on the subject. It seemed something was not quite right. Yesterday something triggered my memory of the 900 missing FBI files during the early days of the occupation of the White House (sorry I just could not resist that line).

I read a piece last night by Gary Aldrich, FBI man and Clinton accuser which supported my thoughts and today I ran across this piece about Hillary in 2008. It is probably to much conspitracy however I am a charter member in the VWRC.

Did Hillary Clinton Give Dan Rather Forged Docs To Sink Kerry?
useless knowledge ^ | 9/13/04

Posted on 09/13/2004 11:38:00 PM EDT by knak

What if it was Hillary Clinton who gave the forged documents to CBS aka 60 Minutes aka Dan Rather? If Hillary and Bill Clinton very craftily conspired to deflate the Kerry campaign in order to leave an open door to the primaries for the presidency in 2008 for Hillary that would make sense right? Sure it would.

If John Kerry loses the election. And Teresa and John Edwards run off to Michaels Moore’s Villa in Cannes France to hang out with the Hollywood elite reviewing old Bogart Movies [like Casablanca.] And John Kerry is stuck at home Castle Sitting and tending SUV’s. That would leave Hillary unhampered to begin her 2008 campaign for president the day after the election. There’s nothing like a good old Arkansas edge to get things rolling.

Before Bill O’Reilly and Fox News pick up on this story and makes a big deal out of it. I have to categorically state I have no evidence to its authenticity. It’s just another of those things that frequently trek the empty spaces of my mind. There’s a lot of meandering goes on up there.

This isn’t the first time Dan Rather has put “foot in mouth” He did it with Reagan and with Bush 41. No not with Clinton. Liberal Media philosophy is spreading around the world faster than the al Qaide terrorism dogma. The mainstream media once upon a time checked facts twice and more times to ***ure accuracy. It seems today they download any blog that seems interesting with no concern of where it comes from. Dan Rather has in recent years become a mouthpiece for every Liberal agenda in this country. His credibility as a journalist has long been forgotten yet he stand in the path of self- destruction mike in hand proclaiming Armageddon if Conservatives rule. Poor Dan his ship has sailed and he missed it.

The Democrats have gone overboard in their disgust for the Swift-boat commentary. Yet they continue to trash President Bush at every opportunity. In the eyes of the Democrats it’s politics to say anything they choose yet when responded to its un-American. President Bush reminds me of the old Timex Watch Commercial “He takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. This must be unnerving to the Kerry Campaign, President Bush sticking to the current issues when all Kerry wants is to fight a thirty-year- old war over and over and over. I would point out two facts to the Senator. That war is over and we lost. Facts not apparent to Senator Kerry.

Has anyone wondered why Bill Clinton didn’t come forward before the Swift-boat ads came to such prominence to tell John Kerry to cool it with that Vietnam hero thing? Clinton being one of the most astute political campaigners of the Democratic Party knew how numbing that issue could be. Could it have been Bill Clinton wanted the Kerry campaign to implode? It’s just a thought mind you.

According to Senator Kerry everything President Bush has done in four years has been wrong. Senator Kerry has yet to explain to the American public what would have been the right way to go at the issues he is discrediting the president for. Kerry has yet to layout an agenda of how he intends to govern if elected president. President Bush gave a detailed presentation of his agenda at the RNC convention. Senator Kerry at the DNC convention discussed little more than the Heroic adventures of one Lt. John F. Kerry over thirty years ago. Senator Kerry has gone the way of McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Carter and those other entire super Liberals who can’t see America for the Skyscrapers. The wisdom of the founding fathers should never be challenged. America has no privileged cl***. Only rich and poor, energetic and lazy, educated and uneducated all afflictions man can over come with effort and desire.

In all fairness I must give credit or blame to Mac McCrae for the Hillbilly title. I stole it from him. Thanks Mac.

I want to thank the many subscribers to Useless Knowledge who sent e-mails [30 at last count] questioning my demise or lack of it. I took some time off to learn new computer skills. I thank you one and all and especially Mic****e Malsbury for her article. I would like to point out after reading some of my very dear friend Mic****e’s articles I’m often obligated to take two aspirin and lay down for a while.
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Howard Roark

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Mr. Kerry and the FBI ^ | 9/10/04 | Gary Aldrich

We are apparently amidst a national conversation between the Kerry campaign and the mainstream media about President Bush’s military records when he served as a fighter pilot in the National Guard. The question of whether he missed a physical or several meetings seems to be asked over and over again. The catalyst for all these questions is the federal records which are kept about each member of the Armed Forces.

These documents are the best evidence of what really happened at that time. Of lesser value are the memories of various individuals who served with George W. Bush. Did they help him get into the reserves? And can they accurately recall whether he was or was not attending a meeting? We all know that memories can fade after 30 years.

With regard to President Bush, the records are the most important find in the minds of the investigative journalists. If the records are not favorable to Bush, then the Kerry campaign benefits.

Meanwhile, Kerry continues to refuse to release his complete military records which would answer a number of important questions about his service, his medals, and what happened after he returned from Vietnam. So why isn’t the mainstream media pounding on Kerry to get his military records?

Lurking just around the corner are some federal records which may have an even greater impact on Kerry’s bid for the presidency, but mainstream investigative journalists are avoiding this issue like the plague.

Somewhere, perhaps in the basement of FBI Headquarters, located at 9th and Pennsylvania in Washington, D.C., are 14 cartons worth of investigative reports involving Mr. Kerry’s activities when he returned from Vietnam. Remarkably, there are records of Mr. Kerry’s attendance at an antiwar, anti-American rally where the ******ination of U.S. senators who supported the war was openly discussed as a viable political tactic.

Before the mainstream media scoffs at this evidence, I think it might be useful to review some of the activities of the New-Left, Far-Left, or, as I like to call it, the Hard-Left during those times, which might explain the FBI’s interests in conducting a major criminal investigation of Kerry. These were not just over-the-top statements made by hyperventilating kids. At that time, the country was suffering from wholesale domestic terrorism of a very deadly and destructive kind – and I submit that many of the leaders of these violent groups networked closely together to obtain the maximum impact against the hated “establishment�.

I have in my possession a remarkable, if not well known, professionally made DVD entitled, “The Weather Underground�. This Academy Award nominee for best documentary feature is described by the Christian Science Monitor as “…a terrific movie, energetic and articulate. It’s the don’t miss documentary of the season.� The New York Times is quoted as saying, “A great story! Terrifically smart!� The Boston Globe, now keenly interested in the federal records of Bush, says, “Essential viewing.� The Washington Post shouts, “Exhilarating. Couldn’t be better timed.�

This is the story of violent, Hard-Left radicals with attitudes much like young John Kerry. They bombed, robbed, threatened, rioted, burned, injured, and killed members and symbols of the hated “establishment.� More important, it is about home-grown revolutionaries who supported Communism vs. The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I’ll leave it to the reader to conclude why The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The New York Times like this DVD so much. Do you think they were rooting for the FBI? Does the story of surveillances, arrests, search warrants, and wiretaps excite these mainstream media types? Or, do they really pine for the good old days of overturned, burning police cars and bombing conspiracies hatched over a bong?

The entire issue of what the FBI knows about Kerry and when they knew it is being totally ignored. But not for long. As the existence and contents of federal records become more and more a part of this presidential campaign, it is inevitable that we will finally get around to talking about Kerry’s FBI files and what’s in them. Do Hillary and Bill already know? Is that why they don’t seem too worried about a Kerry win, which would end Hillary’s realistic chances for a run in 2008?

The FBI records on John Kerry go far beyond your usual FBI background investigation – the FBI was trying to determine if John Kerry should do hard time for conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government through violent means - among other possible charges.

Gary Aldrich is president and founder of The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, a member group.

©2004 Gary W. Aldrich

Miguel Cervantes

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And 13 years later we have the same agency licking the sleeves of Madame Pantsuit playing the same ol' game.
That was 13 years ago, old news, that time has pasted, get over it, what difference does it make anyway. A charge has to be at least 40 years old to gain any traction.

Miguel Cervantes

GON Severe Weatherman
That was 13 years ago, old news, that time has pasted, get over it, what difference does it make anyway. A charge has to be at least 40 years old to gain any traction.