Reminder-Please be careful

A couple of weeks ago I was hunting on salt water and it go ruff. We picked up and went to the ramp. No duck hunt is worth your life. Wear your PFD and get old and die at home


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What? You want to live forever? He died hunting. Good for him.
You have posted the most idiotic, insensitive, post I've ever seen on a GON forum. Congratulations. A friend of mine's son went over the Lake Seminole dam in 2009 while duck hunting. He wasn't found until a month later. I can assure you the parents and friends would have a much stronger response to your flippant response. I see the parents weekly and I can assure you they are not over it yet, and never will be. I wont even get into the terror that that young man was experiencing at the time. Good Lord, what were you thinking?
Waterfowl hunting is an inherently dangerous sport. Movement on water in the dark in areas with submerged objects, cold temperatures, both air and water, hunters with shotguns in close proximity to each other, it is very dangerous. Thoughts and prayers for the deceased hunter and his family.