Remington 58

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I have a sportsman 58 16ga that shoots great. But I will not cycle the new shell to the chamber if there is any angle upwards on the gun. I have tried using both high and low brass shells and trying the gas setting with both. If I hold the gun straight and shot it will cycle fine but when I go to shoot clays or birds it will lock the action open as if it’s empty. What could cause such a problem

Dana Young

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I have a sportsman 58 in 12 ga it cycles fine, but does lock open with an empty magazine. I believe they are that way as they are made for bird hunting. may be I don't get what you are saying though.
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I can load one in the chamber and two in the magazine. If I go to shoot at a bird it will eject the spent shell then lock open with the next shell sitting on the lifter. I have to use the release to chamber the next round. But if I shoot at a ground target it will cycle perfect.