Remington 742 trigger. Can it be improved

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Can the trigger pull be improved upon without a new one being installed?
Ive got an old 742 that I actually like the trigger on it. Personally I have never altered any of my triggers, I learn to adjust my shooting than the trigger, tweaking to make lighter or reduce this "creep" people talk about, I guess Im just not really concerned about all that. Im not a professional shooter, professional hunter or sniper, so little things like a few pounds or ounces or 1/16th of an inch on trigger pull isnt a big deal. Internet "sniper wannabes" are ruining a great sport


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All remington triggers are adjustable, even though most of them have sealed adjustment bolts.

If you are not familiar with the inner mechanics of your gun, ask a gun smith to make the adjustments for you. I was able to take all the creep and grit out of my 770 trigger with about 20 minutes of tinkering, and now it's a nice crisp 2 lb trigger at 0 cost.


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A Remington Model 742 is an automatic rifle and this trigger has no adjustment. Out of the gun it resembles the trigger assemby of a Model 1100 or 1187.
I had a couple many years ago and back then aftermarket springs were nonexistent as far as we knew. Some Judicious stoning helped make mine much smoother but didn't do much for pull weight. I would think a new spring is the way to go.


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I have used Earnie the gunsmith springs and the Timney trigger fix. Hands down like the Timney best. Have it in my 11-87 and 870 as well


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Believe these are similar to 870 fire control group as stated above; I have done several 870s with simple spring change.
You can buy replacement sears in different weights for the 870 but not sure if the sear part itself is identical.