Replacing Bass Boat Bunks

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The carpet on the bunks for my 14' bass boat needs replacing. Seems like I saw somewhere recently that the "new" thing is to replace the carpet with some sort of rubber or rubberized thing. The purpose of the rubber was to eliminate the sand and grit that get into the carpet and then scratches the hull.

Anybody know what this?



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call and tell them i sent you

Ive had mine for a little over 2 years now with no issues. you will lose the ability to power load though. the main advantage is to eliminate blistering on the hull that is caused by the long contact with wet carpet.

you can even get fancy

my new rig has plastic covers on the bunks. dont know who makes em. it is a bear trailer.
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Power loading isn't an issue for me. I've never done it and don't plan to. With my luck, I'd put the bow through my truck's rear window.


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The cheap rolls from Academy sports have been on mine for several years and still look good. They will likely outlast the boards.