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Ive always been kinda shy about doing my own bow work, but today i purchased a limb driver pro v to replace my old rest and my bow tech i use is out of work for a while. So im going to attempt to this own my own... Any advice would be great. My first question is, what is the best or a good square i could get to help me out??? I already have my nock set so im assuming i can go off of that???
Take measurements of where your arrow is on your current rest before you take it off. Measure centershot from riser, and measure the center of the shaft from the bottom of the shelf, or some kind of reference. That way when you put your new rest on, you can just move it to the same spot. It will be close when you shoot. If it was in tune before, and you shoot, and its not hitting with your sights, then keep moving it in micro amounts until it hits where your sight was from the old rest. Then check it through paper. You don't have to start from scratch.
I'd say you should be good to go. Just check it with a broadhead to make sure. I shoot broadheads at the furthest distance I think I might shoot an animal. If they're planing, you'll know it at longer distances when you might not up close.
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Well i finally got time to check it. I just ran to walmart and bought a cheap broadhead target and the $17 pack of 3 blade muzzys... Everything turned out right. I was going to use slick trick this year but i believe im going to use these muzzys. This group was at 38 yards or so.

Thanks Kris for all your help so far this season. I know my pms and text had to get old lol u are
The man.