Rifle Hunting Problems

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So, for Christmas, I got a Browning X-bolt in .308. it is the wood version. With it being the wood version, the grips on it always seem to get little threads of orange cloth stuck in them from my vest. Is there a fix for this?

Handling it will dull the sharp checkering in time. Oil from your hands and cleaning with help. If you want to speed it along a little get some boiled linseed oil on a shop rag and rub the p and vinegar out of it.


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I bought myself a brand new Browning X-Bolt Hunter Left handed in .308 this season. I killed a nice 8 with it in November. One afternoon I had it slung over my shoulder and it rubbed against my streamlight in my pack and put a few nice scratches right below the bolt. I was kinda ticked at first but then the more I stared at it in the stand next to me the more at ease I felt. She looks just as good with those scratches as she did before. I take extremely good care of it but the scratches and dings add a little character.


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I love a rifle with a story. More so if the story is mine or that of a good friend or family.
I, and I know we all, have rifles that have no real value except for the memories attached to them.
Those are all on the do not sell/trade list.


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If that's not sturdy enough bristles, go by the local welding supply and get a brass bristle TIG welding brush. Put a little baby oil or other mineral oil on it. Baby oil is mineral oil with the scent in it. Vaseline works too. That way it will rub into the wood so you can't tell it was ever rubbed in. Always rub in the direction of the chrckering. That means both ways across the cross hatching.

Works like a charm.
Hope this helps.
Don't think I've ever had that problem.