RIP Bunny

I hope that's a real picture

I saw a great horned owl smash a barred owl 20 steps in front of me. He ate it and left the head. They're to be respected


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My Golden sent a 5 lbr to bunny heaven on Friday night. Chased the rabbit into a LAX goal and then "peeped" the life out of her. Felt bad but thats what she does.


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We used to have a good population of screech owls but the great horned, barred, and barn owls have near about eaten em all up.


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I owned a great horned owl onest. Took me two weeks to find a "vet" that'd take it off my hands. Found it after a twister came through my place in L.A. in among all the pines on the ground. Bout the size of a beer can. Hated to give him away, but knew one of them wild animal folks could do better by it than I could.