Rnt sale

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I’m not a huge rnt fan but got an email from Rogers tonight that the 40th anniversary Rnt originals are on sale for $79.99 a steal if you like them. Also got good deals on their goosebuster layouts. Just figured I would pass the info along.


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Been using Duck Commander calls for a LONG TIME (1976) original Duck Commander/Mallard drake, Added a Haydel teal and Gadwall when they were fist release. 32 bands on my home made parachute cord lanyard and hope to add more. 👍
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What don't you like about RnT?..just curious?
At 6’5 and knocking on 3 bills a lot of rnt are too small to fit my hand well. I’ve blown probably 30 rnts over the years and never had one I could run really well. That being said I have never tried to have one tuned to my liking and all have been bone stock. Nowadays i use calls from a local company that a buddy owns.