Road Trip!

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Made a run through the FL panhandle over the weekend. Picked up a 700 factory youth .243 barrel. Also picked up a heavy Pac-Nor SS chamber in .223 and 1:12 26". Can't decide whether I should leave it .223 or re-cut it to .22-250. Got some S/A bottom metal and a std bolt face bolt. All I need is a stripped action and that trigger Phil W. has :D Swapped some of the over abundant .40 for some 9mm an picked up about 16 ammo cans of other stuff.

That top black tote behind them is filled with coffee cans of brass

Also hooked a guy up that just retired with somewhere in the mid 50s to the mid 90s Shooters Bible. some sporadic years from 40 to the Mid 90s of Gun Digest. Some Guns Illustrated too. Should keep busy reading for some time.

My buddy shared some of his Ed's Red with me to lube those 1911s that should last me a lifetime.

went down there to pick this up for the wall in my new reloading room


He also gifted me this for a key ring for it from a .50 cal case


All in all it was a good trip


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Love good road trips.
It's been awhile....


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That's why I love going to a smaller, local, gun shows. Most of the vendors are local, and many don't even sell guns. Just accessories.
And many know me by name from past deals.
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Well...look what was in one of those cans that were labeled wrong :D
there were 2 of them...this is the better looking box.


I'm off to count .45ACP cases.
Found a bucket of .280 brass...might need to get me a .280 to try some of it out :)
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there are 4 full of 5.56 I think and 2 of them have .308 stacked so nice and neat that they feel more than twice as heavy as the 5.56 cans


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I just cleaned out my deceased fathers garage.
My brother had told me that he had gotten all of my Dads reloading supplies over 2 years ago.
Well. It started with a 5 gallon bucket of wheel weights. Then 8 large coffee cans of brass. .38, .45, .308, 9mm, and a few I didn't have time to look in.
Then another old battery box full of cast lead ingots.
And several coffee cans full of cast, sized and lubbed lead bullets in 9mm and .45.
Bullet molds, lead pots and ladles, and a couple boxes of old paper shotgun hulls that the vermin had unfortunately ruined.
Never trust your brother when he says he did a job.
I'll post pics when I get time.
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Nice Find!
I lubed and sized abut 700 .38s once...that was enough for me to know I didn't want any more.
There were also a bunch of Lyman molds with handles, a pot, and a couple of sizers in the items I saw here.
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Anybody want to help me with this .308 brass. 2 of those Ammo cans will hold this much if you stack it in there really neat.

Every bit of it is NATO RA 69 head stamp. Can't decide whether to anneal it first or after I run it through the Dillon...this might take a minute.

Lookin at the picture I see 1 got away.
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It looks like most of it is REM UMC .280 and a few of R-P .280 Rem. I have no idea on the amount of times fired. Guessing some of it is at least 2X, some of it at least 1X and is primed to go again....a few pieces look new