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I made a rod Rack in my garage the other day and wanted to put some rod clips on the top board to hold the rods in place. Where I could pull one rod at a time out without messing with 3 or 4 at a time. Anyone know where you can get those little c looking rubber or plastic clamps from. I know they put them on some rod racks you buy but seem like you ought to be able to order them seperately from somewhere. Thanks Rockett


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Search "rod rack" on the forum, I've seen some home made ones that are pretty sweet. I know of one that used coaxial cable clips from the HD to hold onto the rod. Looks like that worked pretty well and I am sure for a lot less $ then the clips you would find from a tackle supplier or a Cabela’s / BPS.

Here is the one with the cable clips which I thought was a good idea.