rotating shift bad for your health?


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yall i have worked nights my whole time here at the power company. my choice , it just works better for me. well through a few changes in management the lemurs in charge here are fixin' to force us to rotate shifts. i don't know what kind 2on 2 off 3 on 4 off 4 on 3 off and i don't know what cycle they are talking either. we have enough folks who like nights to staff them but these bosses just love messing with folk's personal lives. there is all kinds of info on the net about the dangers of rotating because some folks are fit for days and some are fit for nights and if you interrupt that rythm it can cause health problems. what is your take on it ? i don't have a choice . the pay is good but that is all i can say now. i used to really like being here but this is heartless to me. i can't stand day shift :banginghe:banginghe:banginghe anybody work rotating ? is there hope ? i reckon a call girl don't like her job either and if she can do that for money , i can do this for money .it just stinks to think we have been fine for 7 years and now this.


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I worked rotating 12 hr shifts for eleven years. it takes a day to get back on schedule after swapping shifts. Now I got a part time job so I sleep every night. I would say yes it is bad for you. Money isn't everything, quality of life is way more important and that's something you may not realize until you give the shift thing up.


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priveye, they can have that egg!!! i want my night shift !!!!
Maybe this is a little off your point...

...but I'm so tired of 2nd shift and not being home in the evening, I'd love some shift rotation. 3 weeks for first shift and the 4th during on call week would be 2nd shift. It could work, but nobody else wants to have any part of 2nd shift :banginghe:banginghe.


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i worked 2nd shift for 8 years. it was great for a single man but it really stinks with kids involved. the 12 hour nights were better for me, i have a bit of time with ethan when i get home and some in the evening before i come in. i am really stressed right now. for a job that pays this much and has this many benefits and room for growth, it is a shame to dread coming to work. i feel guilty for even complaining when there are so many without jobs.
Yes, rotating shifts are hard on your body:

This link also has some great tips on coping with shift work.

I did not read it all and it may mention this, but consider taking 3mg of meletonin before bed. It is the hormone that your body produces when it is dark outside that makes you tired. It also happens to be a great antioxident, which is good for repairing your body (as is sleep).

It is sold over the counter. Try half a capsule/tab at first, it may be all you need.


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I worked one of those 3 On 3 Off rotating shifts once back around 79 or so. man it was hard at times. Never seemed to get adjusted to the schedule.

My father in law was a Supervisor for a company that went to a 12 hour shift, but they didn't swing. It was either days or nights and he loved it. They worked a 3/3 schedule too.

What was even more amazing is when it first started they had enough volunteers to fill each shift without having to reassign anyone. Some wanted days and others like you preferred nights.

The reason the company chose not to swing was the health problems caused by the constant change.


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I had a doctor tell me once that it took close to 10 years off of your life... :huh:


Over the past 7 years, I worked the first 5 on straight day shift (12 hour shifts), then I was sent to nights for a year and a half (still 12 hour shifts). I just got back on days in December. Before, all I ever did was rotating shifts. There are benefits (and draw backs) to each shift, but after being on straight nights for a year and a half, personally, I would rather rotate than be stuck on straight nights. I guess its what is more suited to you and your lifestyle. Nights were not for me, but others that I worked with wouldn't work any other way. I just told a co-worker a few days ago that I wouldn't mind rotating every few months, mainly because on days, you get sick of the bosses, and on nights, you get sick of not seeing your spouse.

Best of luck to you
I've been "swinging" for over 21 years. I work 7 days of midnite, off 2 days, 7 days of evening, off 1 day, 7 days of day, off 5 days. The only thing a shift worker has to look forward to are the long weekend (5 days) off, and you better believe I always have big plans for that time off. I'm sure it can't be great for your health, but I have a really good job and benefits. I feel for you having to "dread" coming to work that puts alot of stress on your well being. Maybe ya'll can get together with management and explain your concerns, all they can say is no. Good luck.
Feral one-Move to Acworth and come to work with me.I've been on the same shift for 18 years.Midnight to noon.4 days on and 4 off(unless some one calls in sick)


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Yep shift worker here. I've been at it for 15yrs. We work 7 on 2 off , 7 on 2 off, 7 on 4 off. Rotate every 7 days. I watched my parents do it for 20+ years before I got sucked in. I don't worry as much about the health risks as I do about breaking the cycle. I'll be ****************** if my son thinks this is a normal way to make a living.
Sorry got of topic there. No, there is no way it can be good for you.
Personally, I like rotating shifts especially those 15 days off each month. I tried day shift and didn't like it, interferred with my turkey hunting. :bounce: