Rough weather ahead Driveler #235

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This is mostly from the stuff on the house and outdoor kitchen/porch. Probably going to take at least 3 more trips!
when you get yours done, come on south, I'll give you some more to take up there!:clap: :D
got power back last night and dsl i.e. internet just came back.

wooooo hooooo


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Second load.

Bought me a new pitch fork this morning before we started loading trailer. It was a game changer! Hope tomorrow after work to get the rest of it finished up! Thinking we can do it with one more load! Mz. R hasn't missed a step with me today! She has really toted the mail !!! Wish we were closer Keebs, Mz. R and I would sure give you a hand. That's good news GW, I hope everyone is digging out without too much damage! Just sat down and enjoying a much needed BDLD! Our son is at the end of the line up on the river. They still are out of power, we took him another generator this afternoon when we took the first load. Passed a good many EMC trucks on the way with the second load. They are working his way. With two generators they will be good till it comes on.


Moon, you missed a spot. :bounce:
Settin on da front porch of ol home place alone under 2 ceiling fans and porch lights dimmed. Just reflecting on my family will be the 3rd generation to occupy this lil farm house.

We've already put a lot of our stuff in here and it's starting to look like a home again. A new freezer will be delivered tomorrow. As soon as I get Internet and TV relocated to this house I'm going to go ahead and move on in, heck I already own a 1/4 of it anyway. Power and homeowners ins. is already in my name.

No since in waiting to the 29th.


Gone but not forgotten
We will get it tomorrow Chief. Mz. R is all over it! We are two tired folks right. IRMA made a mess! But so thankful it wasn't big stuff! That is so cool Chief! I know y'all are looking forward to getting settled in.
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Jamey Johnson rockin the maintenance shop! Redneck side of me.... Thems some good tunes ta weld to!
morning from the plugged back in

coffee ?


camping in this brick tent was fun one day but it did get old when the routine was broken.
moon, morning

I had to go back yesterday.
Good Morning and Happy Thursday to you Quack, Blood, Gobblin, Moonbro, and to the rest of you tired and weary Drivelers out there this morning that is trying your best to get over this really nasty and mean witch named "IRMA" !!!!!! :banginghe:banginghe:banginghe:pop::pop:

Moonbro, I've got an extra tarp for you to cover your trailer with so that you don't get a hefty fine like here in Augusta if your debris comes off along the way.

Gobblin, a cup or three of your fresh brewed coffee sounds like a good plan this morning. I am happy that most of you did not suffer any major damages during this storm and hopefully your lives will be back to normal very soon. :cheers:

Thankfully, I slept really well last night and got 5 hours of much needed sleep.


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Morning, Lil Wy fell off his bike yesterday and broke his wrist.
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