Rude Kayakers at Boat Ramp - Any Advice?

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Regarding below, wanted to thank you for some of the suggestions. But also add additional info. There were 2 of us boaters at the ramp. The other boater arrived first. He told me he had arrived about 15 min earlier than I and had already POLITELY asked them to move to let him get his boat. The ringleader answered they would only be a few more minutes. Which turned out to be more than 45 min later. So again, all told, they kept the ramp blocked for more than 1 hour. All of your posts confirmed my fear that this is more common than one would expect and I just dont have a good idea of how to deal with it in the future.

Any advice from someone that has had a similar experience ? Returned to a public boat ramp from a morning of fishing in the river. A mob of over 50 kayakers were at the landing preparing to all depart together. They tied up the single boat ramp for almost 1 solid hour before they all got themselves in the water and departed together. I and another fisherman could not get our trailers into the water to retrieve our boats until this mob finished their preparations and departed in unison. We had no choice but to wait them all out until they departed and cleared the boat ramp.

Any advice should this happen again ? I suspect that this was not the first time these folks had launched their kayaks in this style. Seems like no one understands boat ramp manners any more
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...just joking, seriously.
The rubber duckies do this at the Abbotts Bridge ramp on the Chattahoochee. They all pile in there in their inner tubes and sit on the ramp waiting for their bus to come!
Saw the same thing on salt water duck hunting last year. The got out of the way when they saw we were hunters and had dead things. This is what people do had one paddle right up to my decoys a couple of years ago. He didn’t like what I had to say.


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someone will have to remind me why a kayak needs a boat ramp again
Because I transport mine on a trailer and prefer not to have to man handle a 80 lb kayak. I put my money in the box just like everyone else.
Blocking the ramp is not cool boat or kayak, I’d of ask them to clear the ramp.
I haven’t ran into this before , but yeah they should not expect everybody to wait on them to launch together, especially that many of them. It would only take you a few minutes to load your boat and be out of the way. I fish out of a Jon boat that I load in the back of my truck. It takes me a few minutes to get everything off the boat and into the truck. Battery, trolling motor tackle. So if someone is there with a boat trailer I always let them go ahead of me. I guess it’s just the way I was raised. They should show the same courtesy to others. If they still have several to go then it’s not going to make a difference if they let you get your boat loaded . They don’t own the ramp. Just tell them you want to get in and get out they can wait on you. I guess it’s just like you said NO MANNERS. ... so if you guys are reading this think about it. !!!
I'd ask the authority over the facilities to add a new rule stating that trailered boats (including trailered kayaks) have priority using the boat ramps.
Sounds like everytime you happen to be at the SC rap on Tugalo when the river rats coming off the Chattooga are taking out !!
I kayak and when I launch - I put my kayak at the side so I don't block the ramp for others.
This is all it takes. I usually go with a buddy and we haul ours in the back of a truck but we set them well to the side of the ramp. This allows others to load and unload no problem. We have never had a problem. Some people just don't understand the outdoors are for all of us to enjoy.


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Kayaks are no different than full size boats. Load your stuff in the yak in the parking lot, not on the ramp. Launch your yak and beach it to the side of the ramp to let others use the ramp while you park.

The concrete ramp is the last thing I want the bottom of my yak resting on.