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My 22/45 started catching the bullets on the feed ramp. Cuts the nose of them and jams. The pistol is clean and doesn't do it all the time. Wanted some opinions....weak shells ( Winchester )...weak mags (x2) or do I need to hone the ramp ? It's always ate everything I've put thru it in years past. Thanks.



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All else being equal, it looks like it’s not coming out of the magazine at the proper angle and jamming on the bottom of the feed ramp. I would look at the magazine’s first.
i have a new mark IV and it did the same thing. my problem was the mag. they were not feeding correctly from the mag. I shifted the bullets inside the mag till they appeared to look seated at the correct angle and they fed fine after that.


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Mine does that too. It's really bad with hollowpoints. I end up just shooting round nose in it.

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Try different ammo; hard to tweak mag lips etc if there is a bad combo with bullet nose profile.

But yes - tweak the loaded mags by pulling all the way down on the button, let them settle in with 'slack on the stack.' [Does the Ruger mag have a thumb button? Thinking of my Buckmark. Sold my Ruger 20 years ago]
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Thanks guys, I alway smack the mag against the heel of my hand,Uncle Sam engrained that in me, I'm gonna tune my mags, use different ammo. Checked the brick and a lot of the shells seem to have loose bullets. Thanks again.
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FIXED IT ! I removed the LCI ( loaded chamber indicator ) and I replaced the hammer bushing which done away with the magazine safety. The pistol will now fire without a magazine and best of all, when you hit the mag release button, the mag shoots out. No more digging it out. The hammer bushing cost $9 and takes about 2-3 minutes for a 1st timer to change. It's all on you tube. I ran 3 mags thru it this morning without any problems with the same ammo. The best $9 you can spend. These are the old pieces , one piece replaces all this



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Nice work - I own 3 Buckmarks and the mag safety link fell out of all of them within minutes. Never considered that the downward pressure on the mag would interfere with feeding but makes sense.

A bit trickier to do on my Model 41 but same end result.