Running off a fox?

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I’ve got an odd question for y’all, we’ve got a momma grey fox that has 3 little ones that’s took up at our barn. We have chickens, which are in a pen there’s no way she can get in, and ducks in the pond. As of yet she’s not killed any of the ducks she just eats the eggs soon as they drop them. They’re not particularly scared of humans and this ain’t in the city, we’re country as chicken feet out here, but I don’t have the heart to do anything with the momma cause I don’t think the little ones are big enough to survive on their own. My question is is there anything that’ll run them off from an easy, consistent food source, before they start killing stuff?
I hear the fox living behind my house, in the woods, be engaged by my dog almost daily but it is not leaving. Any other ideas?
Well if you can’t afford to feed a bigger dog, then you probably don’t need one in the first place.
Oh I can afford it but really don't want another dog at this point in time.