Rush Propst Suspended

Link to what? Teachers’ salaries are public record. His past and current players are on the list. Brazen or stupid, they are in print.
If that is the case, I would think it would be the state investigating this, instead of or in addition to the School.


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They have not won a Georgia Championship in 3 years. They did not take away the Championship away from Grayson, when they got caught recruiting.
I reckon we will find out in the rinse as my Grandma used to say
If they had players on the payroll, and this info is so easy to get, I would think the AJC would have been all over this, as they have never liked Propst. It would have at the least been in every newspaper in South Georgia.
We were just told how Rush had students on the payroll and told it was in writing. Thank goodness somebody put out some info with at least info to back it up. I have never said he was an angel, but he has been competing against Schools in Atlanta that have openly recruited, and in one case a team walked out on a top contender, because of the way they were being treated. All of this with no consequence. I think HS Football in Georgia has got out of control. When DIV 1 coaches like Nick Saban travel to Moultrie to view their indoor facilities, it makes you think priorities may be in the wrong place. They also have an indoor facility for the 8th and 9th grade teams.
I think that sports have became people’s gods. When a fun game becomes business it’s bound for the landfill. The closest thing we ever got to an indoor facility was the gym and the cafeteria. Only after we moved all the table and chairs out of the way. Only to put them back after practice. You give a thief an opportunity to steal they’ll rob you blind. You give a dog table food they’ll get a taste for it and drive you nuts every time you walk into the kitchen. You give a tv preacher a donation they’ll send a new pledge envelope until you die. You pay a HS coach well over six figures, buy them a truck and provide many other perks they don’t deserve they’ll buy you championships. You put a human being on a pedestal and they’ll fall 99% of the time. All that said it’s a crying shame these kids become celebrities now with recruiting just fresh out of middle school. These coaches know if they lose they get fired. If they win and funnel kids to college they may get a better “paying” gig. Rush Propst moral compass seems a bit low. But he’s smart enough to know the winning is everything in his profession. Sucks to lose in any job. I’m done ranting and to all my fellow forum brothers from other mother’s! Go Dawgs!
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He's one of the best to coach at the HS level. Unfortunately his methods arent acceptable in this day and age. Hopefully he can kick back and enjoy his retirement.

If the IRS will allow it....😮

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County pay scale from the top down.

If the coach had retired with 30 years at the 2018 salary level, his monthly retirement benefit would be $7,050 per month.

“Propst, while being relieved of his coaching duties, remains on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation by the Professional Standards Commission, which notified Howell of its intentions on Thursday.”

I thought,according to the PF gurus, only cops were suspended with pay?
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I remember reading somewhere that RP stated he didnt go to Auburn because it would be a pay cut?? I figured he made a little more that that.