Rut in Meriwether


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Seen a huge 12 chasing a doe saturday afternoon. couldnt get him to stop to get a shot. anyone else seeing any rutting activity


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Several bucks looking for does Sat afternoon & small bucks actually running does Sun AM. Nothing Sun afternoon during the windstorm but did see a nice 130 class on the road on the way to our club during the high winds.

Bottomline: Bucks are ready - does arent. Rut MAY come early for Meriwether this year.


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neice killed one the 26th running smaller bucks off foodplot. 122 inch 8 that weighed 230 live. i seen a few smaller bucks pushing the does around. its close to breaking loose for sure. what area yall in? we just north of greenville around 362 area.
Saturday the small bucks were looking pretty hard, the doe's were in a trot so I figured big boy was behind them but nothing. I'm not far from Keith road. I think this weekend will be good and ill be on vacation from the 4th- 15th! Oh by the way I have found several rubs on trees but no scrapes anywhere?? What are y'all seeing?


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SW of Greenville here... last weekend, saw about 10 scrapes.. This weekend, I lost count.. That and the rubs were very very numerous. I thought I heard some grunting in the thick but couldn't tell for sure.

PRE rut is darned sure on right now.


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Small bucks harrassing does right now near alvaton....lots of scrape activity on our nice 10 pt seen at daylight on sunday morning....passing thru the thick stuff....mama does still with fawns


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The first does are goin into heat right now. The bucks are sniffin and scratchin here around T town. Had to drive over to Manchester this morning and saw a little 8pt and almost ran over a spike on Hwy 36. Keep yore eyes peeled fellers. ;)
It is weird around cedar rock. Friday night I seen a 9 pointer with a spike! Saturday morning had a 3.5 year old 8 pointer watch a doe cross the cut over and followed her every step. No grunting just walking and watching. She got tired of him and ran off and he liked to have tore up the cut to catch her.

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We had 3 good bucks killed this weekend and atleast 3 more good ones seen with no shot. All bucks were cruising, checking scrapes. Big bucks were definitely on their feet although the does aren't ready yet. It should be wide open any day now. This was in Ogletree/Stovall Rd area.


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I've seen lots of scrapes but no rubs. Club member filmed a nice 8 pointer coming in and freshening a scrape the friday evening before gun opener. I had a mature buck run in to some rattling Saturday morning but couldn't get a shot.
I watched a nice 2.5 year old 8 pointer each out of the food plot Monday evening by himself. Then I had 5 does come into the plot, but didn't notice any ruting behavior. I'm in Stewart County. Monday morning i shot two hogs on the way back to camp. Sausage is on its way! Got them both with one shot.