Rutting Activity?

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Have any of you seen any rutting activity in your area? It seems like here in Screven nothing is happening as I type. I witnessed my first scrape of the year this past Saturday. My uncle who hunts with me seen a 6-point on the evening hunt. My uncle grunted at him and he came right to my uncles stand. If the deer were any where close to the rut, I would have thought the 6-point would have run, not wanting a butt whiping! :bounce:

Rut maybe late this year ::huh:


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i hunted some land on the screven/jenkins county line. saw three bucks this weekend and all of them were tailing does. one was a very nice 8 pt., another a forkhorn, the last a cow horn spike.

the 4 pt. was grunting every step he took! i could hear him coming before he ever appeared.

prerut's definitely on, rut's around the corner.

also hunt some land about 5 mins. from cedar's restaurant, which you mentioned in a previous post. there were over, i'd guess 30 scrapes and rubs made a few weeks ago. those bucks are in the mood.

i think the rut will be right on time.
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You are getting me excited with all this good news. If my job and wife would permit, I would hunt each day during the pre-rut and the rut.

Al White

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Lots of scrapes, but I think that the best is yet to come. I haven't seen any "true" signs of rutting yet. I'm thinking that around the 10th of Nov is going to be the time, and the moon will be dark..:)


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I have seen a few scrapes. No rubs yet. everyone I talk to says they are starting.

To tell you the truth, I don't think it's possible to predict a rut in this state.


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I saw a four pointer make a scrape Saturday morning, but he didn't pay my grunt call the least bit of attention.