S.Ga. bear guide from N.Ga. perspective

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OK fellas, I thought i would try and do a lil video how to today and give some of you boys from down south a pointer or two from the perspective of what us boys up here see..

I'm no pro by anymeans, and definately not a movie producer. But I figure I may do a lil more help than harm.
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Comfortable, supportive hiker style boots (show up in your rubber boots at your own peril) To date if there's been a more comfy pair of good boots made than Danners?? I've not wore them.

Water and snacks; Even though it's not as hot up high as it is down where you boys are; You will dehydrate, you will burn calories.

2 compasses; Why 2?? because when you look at one and think it's lying to you? Pull the other one out so they can BOTH prove yer wrong.

In order to keep your compass from telling you a lie never ever store it in the same pocket, compartment or storage pouch with your cell phone or GPS.

Walkin/hikin stick Worth it's wieght in gold, can stop you from sliding down the hills and help you pull yourself up the hills.

Be prepared to climb. Just relax, take your time and pick a rest point. go to it, rest, pick another one.

We're a week from opener. White oaks are NOT raining acorns. Some are dropping a few but it take smore than a few acorns on the ground to keep a bear on the ground. Forget the mt. oaks, forget the red oaks (yes I know they're on the ground) If there's whiteoaks in the area thats where the bears are. And between 2700 and 3000 feet the bears are climbing for the acorns..

dug up yellow jacket nest, flipped rocks, tore up stumps and logs are sure signs you're going in the right direction..... keep traveling until you find the oaks...

They travel the tops of the ridges.... get up there and travel them as well. All this video was taken in around 1,000yds of ridgeline. Thats not 1,000yds from the truck.. thats AFTER I hiked over two, and managed to climb up there this was found in that distance.
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Good stuff Lance, I kinda like that last tree, hint hint.
Lance, I'm lookin' eye-to-eye with you brother! I can feel the force!


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Good, good stuff!
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Oh by the way....... I found me something to do whilst yall are huntin stinkin bears.

Found where a hogs been cleanin up under oaks where some bears been climbin and vacuumin up the ground under a red oak.

Hogs don't hang around bears much....unless they don't see the bears as a threat........ what type hogs don't see bears as threats?? The kind that leave rootin paths 10" wide, and chew off sassafrass roots as thick as ya wrists....... B-I-G mature boars.

I've killed ans saw a couple hammers up there. I purdy sure i might just know where this fellas a nappin.
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Them Mt. lions usually 30-40' up a spruce, not 60-80' up an oak.

I shoot traditional bows..... Not gonna try and thread through oak limbs 60' in the air to try and shoot one out...... matter of factly I aint fond of shootin em period (just like other people to kill em out my huntin spots!) it can be done. I know a fella here that stalks to kill em with his smoke pole and usually shoots em out the trees....

My suggestion would be to *IF* you can keep trees between you and the bear long enough to get close to the tree (remember how well you can see sittin up in yer tree stand right?) To ease up and wait for him to come down...... just remember he's not going to hit the ground, stop stretch, and pose. he'll have a purpose.... which is "I'm done in the tree now it's time to leave."


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We have noticed a lot and I mean a lot of activty along the creeks, almost like they are using them as roadways.
Dang Lance,
I just learned more about scouting for bear in 10 minutes than in the last couple of years.
Thanks alot


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Great video. I have seen the limbs like that before, but had no idea. Wow.
Thanks Lance

I'm with Thunder Head I actually feel as though I learned more from your video than all the magazines I've read. Might even feel like I know what I'm doing when I go Bear hunting this year,,, Nah :huh:, I'm still just kidding myself if I think that. But still a great video.:clap::clap:
Really nice video, I enjoyed it. Most all of the little bit of bear hunting I have done has been with dogs, years ago, when it was legal in Florida. I never learned too much about bear sign and the food of choice down there was palmetto berries. I have seen bear sign in my time but it was very obvious, like perfect tracks in mud or on a dirt road, rolled over logs and really torn up tree trunks. I have watched your video a couple of times, you should consider making a full length video and market it, you know, an outdoorsman "how to" video.