S. GA Guys, Ya'll OK

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In looking at the track of Hurricane Michael, I'm pretty sure some of you guys in South Georgia had to hunker down. Hope ya'll are all OK. Wife has a friend in Bainbridge who says trees are down everywhere and no power.
Yes, it’s bad in Bainbridge but I think it’s that way everywhere from here to Panama City.
No electricity in almost ever town around here. Saying it will be Tuesday night before it’s back on but I highly doubt it.
Trees in and on my house. Saw some big pines go through one house.
Day two. Made some progress today.
You can now see my house from the road. Been cutting on some big oaks. Just me, my wife and kids. No help as of this morning. Did have out of state tree folks come by and give some quotes. Signed up for disaster relief but no one has been by.
Had a buddy drop off a generator so we have some fans running, light and refrig.
Meet with adjuster tomorrow.
Look like a big fish fry as freezer had thawed before I got generator. Cut up a tenderloin with some veggies. It was good plus I was hungry.
It could be worse.
Trees up and off roof tomorrow morning. Met with adjuster today. He didn’t back up on anything. Any damage I pointed out he included.
Included lost meat in freezer, pressure washing house afterwards and much more.
After I get this place dried in its off miller county to check on farm house, goats, pivot system and see how much timber is on the ground.
Got trees up and tarp on my roof today. There is power in town fast food places busy and gas lines are shorter.
Got a tarp on my 140 year hunting lodge. That house has had two direct hits from tornadoes and now a catagiry 3 hurricanes my 53 years. It got rocked a bit but still standing. Probably lost at least 50% of our timber. All my goats made it. Will get on farm house after people’s houses get back in order
It dawed on me that this area will not be back to normal for many many years maybe not in my lifetime.
Next is Congo at beach. I think it’s a total loss. While head down there later this coming week. It don’t look good.