Same deer

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I thought I'd show yall these together. I have posted these but I though Id put them together. This Is the 6pt from last winter that had the broken front left leg. It healed and then he grew into a nice 8pt. He was shot about a mile up the road by a neighbor. I thought I had pics of him as a 1.5 but couldn't find them (but I know I watched him). As a 2.5 he stayed close, broke his leg in Nov 2016, healed Dec 2016, shed in March 2017 and grew to 8 in 2017. Killed Nov 18, 2017. He was aged by a biologist by his teeth as a 3.5 yo. Notice the broken leg didn't mess up his rack too bad. He was 160lb dressed with 18.5 spread.
Hope the links work.