Santa Rosa Beach inshore charter?

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Every charter that I am looking at is well over $600 for 4 hours to fish inshore. Does anyone know of a decent charter service that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
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you get what you pay for
Not always with charters in tourist areas. Too many times I have been with a guide who plans on just phoning it in, figuring that the average tourist on a beach vacation won't know the difference. I have fished all over North and Central America and have a pretty good gauge on what is a fair price. I think that we have opted to just rent a center console and do it ourselves for a whole day.


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Glad to hear. He definitely did my son right last year and this year. He also fished a few times with some of my son's friends this past weekend. Based on what my son said, he works hard to put you on the fish whether inshore or off.

Yes, he hustles to keep you on the fish. I would definitely fish with him again.


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32A charter
Or something of that nature we used once, good fella, we traded tackle for the trip. Think it was around $400 give or take, plus a tip

We had a inshore slam on our trip.
Was just starting when we went.
Northwest Florida Fishing Charters
Dalton Morrison

Tell him Andy Flippen sent you. He's a great guy and grew up on the Choctawhatchee Bay.