Sapelo Island Youth hunt

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My two 13 yr old boys have been drawn for the October 2019 youth hunt. we have never been there and are looking for any tips you might have. looking forward to the experience and wondered are you better off picking numbers in the middle or if there are some areas better than others? any tips are apprechiated. we have a boat that we could bring to head over but at this point are thinking the ferry may be fine.
My son and nephew were drawn this year as well. Bring a thermacell for each person. I haven’t been to sapelo in a couple years so don’t have any info on where to go. I’ve always brought a boat or chartered over.

Did I read the dates correctly that it is fri-Sunday hunt? The other island hunts I’ve done have always been Thursday to Saturday.
My 11 yr old son was drawn as well. I am not sure when we can get on the island, when exactly we are able to scout and hunt, and when we need to be gone. Plenty of info from the good people on here but a lot of it is old so I believe a call down there is in order.