Sat Morning & Afternoon Squirrel Hunts

Man that's great. I know them boys had a ball. Got some dog power there. That's hard to do his time of year. Great hunt !
Awesome hunt and nothing like seeing those boys having a good time... I hope my pup is ready this fall and we see similar results for my boys. Great job fellas.
That's pretty good right there, I hunt them without a dog and it takes me several trips to come close to those numbers. My question is can a tract withstand that type of hunting several times a year? I only ask because several years ago I used to go shoot a mess on Big hammock wma until their was a squirrel dog tournament, I remember one man saying they killed 49 off his dogs. Now you hunt all morning and may see less than 5.
You can't kill off the population of squirrels. Recognized Competition hunts don't allow shooting squirrels at all. If it was a small buddy hunt they might. Lack of squirrels usually is a direct reflection of lack of mast. This time of year they are denned up a lot and tuff with or without a dog. The does are either carrying young or nursing them in the den.